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Corporate sector is a major driver of development within any country. They are the one’s who create job opportunities, create world-class products for customers & simultaneously support social initiatives.


IEN CAMPUS section is dedicated to student’s fraternity. We have a strong conviction that entrepreneurship requires nurturing from the very beginning. Hence what best then to start nurturing our young talent within schools and colleges.

TME Seminars

At IEN we strongly believe it’s all about having a ‘wealthy mindset & beliefs’. Our ‘Millionaire Entrepreneur’ seminars are designed to break limiting beliefs and help individuals to get rid of self-destructive patterns.

Funding Meet-ups

At IEN we will work very closely with all budding entrepreneurs & help them to connect for funding. This program covers all aspects for funding i.e. Pitching, Seed Funding, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalist.


Ideathon is a flagship community program helping budding entrepreneurs to connect & learn together. Also effort is made to get budding entrepreneurs connect with VC’s (Venture Capitalist) to explore possible funding option.


India Entrepreneurship Network look forward to provide FELLOWSHIP opportunity to writers, reporters and research associates in the field of entrepreneurship.

Start Up Talks


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Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want to start your dream business? Do you feel bored and frustrated in your existing job? May be you already started your business but are not able to scale it up? The Millionaire Entrepreneur is the book you need. This book is ‘to the point’ and a ‘no-nonsense’ manual for starting up and growing your own business. A business school will never teach you how to start a business? You need to learn the business skills yourself. This is the reason why more than 90% of the business school graduates never start a business and end up working for someone who does. The book will teach you how to get rich by starting and growing one’s own business without any capital.

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