60 Keys to Success

Success Secrets That You Must Know In Your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s The book is a result of years of research done at Success Monks Research Institute on the subjects of – achievement & transformative psychology, personal development, human potential maximization, neuro-linguistics programming, quantum physics, and success literature ranging from the works of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato to the modern day cutting edge peak-performance interventions.

The success secrets shared in this book are divided into three sections-

  1. 30 things you must know in your 20’s
  2. 20 things you must know in your 30’s
  3. 10 things you must know in your 40’s

Success Monks teachings have improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. The worse nightmare is the dream you never lived, the worst loss is the money you never made, and the worst failure is the success you never tried for. 60 Keys to Success gives you insights & strategies about how to achieve and succeed in all the areas of your life.

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