Love Your Mondays and Retire Young

Walk into any classroom of this country and you will find books on numerous subjects like physics, calculus, geography, financial management, and nano-technology, but where do we find information on the most crucial subjects of life—dreams, happiness, and passion? We all work for 10 hours every day, 250 days a year, and will do this for about 40 years of our professional lives. Is your work a drain on your energy or the greatest gift of your life? Why work for 40 years when you can get rich and retire in 5 years by following your passion? Love Your Mondays and Retire Young shares the most effective and cutting-edge strategies for individuals who want to live out their life’s passions and make money while following their heart. Are you ready to embark upon the most exciting and rewarding journey of your life?

Love your Monday and retire young outlines a five-point road test to help readers discovers where their passion truly lies and how they can either switch careers or make changes in their current profession.


Thought-provoking reflections on the situation of working women and men all over the world… a must read for all working people…replete with factual information and case studies… a timely and substantial input to current career advice literature.

The Island



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