The current education system taught me the subjects like ‘Wealth Management’ and ‘Financial Accounting’ but it never taught me anything about ‘Making Money’.

You might be a student who is pursuing the coveted management, engineering or doctorate degree or a working professional who is trying to climb the corporate ladder quickly or a home-maker who has set aside her personal ambition for family’s sake.

IEN is our honest and sincere attempt to wake you up to the possibility and the need of nurturing & implementing your own ideas rather than being a part of someone’s else’s business-plans. There are hundreds of thousands of people ‘fettered’ by the chains of a profession they never wanted to be in. This ‘Pandemic disease of professional dissatisfaction’ require new thinking & action.

And above all our economy needs entrepreneurs. Majority of the educational institutes are busy luring the students with the temptations of high-salary jobs, without realizing that somewhere somebody has to create those jobs.